Our geologist(s) have experience in conventional and unconventional plays including oil sands, clastics and carbonates. Extensive knowledge and experience with drilling execution and rig operations.

Professional experiences in the Foster Creek and Christina Lake teams, planning and drilling the longest well pairs in SAGD history at 1600 m in length, wells with the greatest heel to toe elevation difference in SAGD history at ~22 m, and involved in a pilot well using Petrojet ™ technology. All of the wells planned and drilled were successful and 95% were under budget.

Extensive knowledge as part of a Suffield Asset team, analysing log signature data that had been previously determined as unusable. Identifying patterns in the log that was used to realize a cost savings of 7.5 million dollars on that years drilling program and was able to execute 5 successful wells as a result.



* Planning, execution and monitoring of the drilling well pairs, wedge wells and re-drills. Ensuring wells are drilled in a way which maximizes their productive capability

* Can provide knowledge on most well placement solutions such as ranging technologies, standard MWD tools, GYRO, tractoring etc.

* Ability to provide data & reporting with the use of real-time drilling, computer technologies (PASON, Petrel Visualization, etc.) in the interpretation of drilled lithology

* Planning and coordination of drilling lookbacks (i.e. Peer Reviews, etc.) to assess the pre and post drill contrasts

* Operations Geologist working with well site during drilling operations (On-call)

* Can be the drilling liaison during operations

* Planning and execution of Strat well programs including the geological interpretation of triple combo logs, specialty logs and borehole imaging including CMI and FMI. Can be responsible for the subsequent re-mapping of property to account for new information

* Source and Disposal water well planning and execution experience

Conventional Knowledge

* Planning and drilling conventional horizontals in tight rock formations (non-Frac) prior to moving into Oil sands

* Reservoir development experience including full field OOIP mapping, play fairway analysis, by-pass pay evaluation, reserves mapping, abandonment evaluations, land sales, Alberta Energy Regulator submissions, well planning

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