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Site Planning and Management

Secure services required to install ESC measures

Provide recommendations and considerations for regulatory requirements

Update existing ESC designs for resubmission to the municipality

Previously managed and executed projects by Shield Environmental

Tackifier for Dust Control, Calgary AB

What needed to be done:

  • Budget money was running low due to unforeseen circumstances out of our clients control. The question was asked to us – How can we stretch what is left and successfully implement ESC Measures? The original plan wasn’t going to work. Here’s what we did to get the job completed on time and on budget!
  • We sourced out a tackifier that would successfully keep the dirt from going anywhere and kept design options open and affordable in the future.
  • Due to our low overhead, we came in lower priced than our “big boy” competitors.

Silt Fence Installation, Cochrane AB

What needed to be done:

  • Preventing sediment from reaching the river during ongoing construction is a requirement by law and by conscience. We were chosen for the work due to our prior high-quality installations and the ability to act immediately. Silt Fence is considered Best Practice Management in keeping sediment from running off into the roads, catch basins, grassy areas, etc.

Retaining Wall Rockyview County, AB

What needed to be done:

  • Picture this – you have a beautiful pool overlooking the elbow river with a mountain view with a cliff type rustic pathway leading you down to the river. BUT, at just a glance, it seems like the slope towards the cliff is dipping. SOMETHING needs to be done, or the property with a beautiful pool might just slip away.
  • Our client asked – what can we do that won’t break the bank? Our question back was – how long term is this fix?
  • Its time to build a retaining wall! Turns out, this is their dream property and the pool is staying!
  • The retaining wall was comprised of clay and different sized rocks with plenty of compaction using the company owed equipment.
  • With a geologist/CPESC and seasoned landscaper on hand, the project is turning out beautifully (not yet completed) and will prevent their pool from going anywhere.

Dewatering Airdrie, AB

What needed to be done:

  • Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) measures sometimes get forgotten when a project is moving so quickly. It happens! Especially when rain storm season came a little earlier than expected.
  • Pumping water from where it collects so quickly in a storm needs immediate action and Shield Environmental was there ready with staff and equipment.

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At Shield Environmental, we know that every project must have a solid foundation. We use the best products to ensure every project has stability and last a lifetime against all elements. From start to finish, we ensure all projects have a solid foundation.


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