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Are you working on a project that will require Erosion and Sediment Control? Bring us in for a FREE presentation to quickly educate the involved staff on why putting in the right measures will save you money, time, help you avoid fines and keep sediment from reaching the river.

Silt Fence Installation

Silt Fence is considered Best Management Practice (BMP) in this industry. It is designed to filter the sediment from water at the base of slopes or at property boundaries. We will INSTALL, MAINTAIN and REPAIR as needed with our Shield assurance to bring you in on time, on budget and environmentally responsible.

~ Protect water bodies ~ Construction Perimeters ~ Base of Slopes / Dirt piles ~

Dewatering / Flood Control

Are you ready for storm season? You might find yourself doing FLOOD CONTROL rather than erosion and sediment control if you didn’t install measures last year. Any release of sediment laden water must be reported and will cost you in fines from Alberta Environment and your local municipality.

~ Protect landscaped areas ~ Keep dirty water on your site ~

Equipment Rental

2017 and 2018 John Deere heavy equipment and 2 trailers are available to rent short-term. Daily, weekly and monthly competitive rates with more discounts based on length of contract, multi-month up front payments and rental of more than 1 piece of equipment.   

Our Mission

Shield Environmental is here to protect Alberta’s watershed while providing a responsible and cost-effective erosion and sediment control program to our clients. Shield Environmental owns and operates Skid Steers and Excavators to get the job done. As per your Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Design, we will implement, maintain and repair as needed with our usual Shield assurance to bring your project in on time, on budget and environmentally responsible.

We are truly your HONEST EXPERTS.

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Intentional design by a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) to save you in the earthworks installation and keep you compliant.


Residential, Commercial and Industrial Silt Fence Installation.



Fences, Decks, Backyard remediation, Retaining Walls



Redirect dirty water to avoid fines!

Why Choose Shield Environmental?

We are not a low cost provider but we will create VALUE on your project. 

We pride ourselves in being your HONEST EXPERTS in erosion and sediment control design and installation. Give us the opportunity to quote on your design and/or earthworks installation of the ESC measures – we will show you how implementing the CORRECT measures from the beginning will save you money.  We truly believe in doing the RIGHT THING for your project and this shouldn’t cost you more, it will cost you less.

Alberta’s Erosion and Sediment Control Specialists


At Shield Environmental we know that every project must have a solid foundation. We use the best products to ensure every project has stability and last a lifetime against all elements.

From start to finish, we ensure all projects have a solid foundation.

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